Playsafe note rising demand for contactless payment solutions

Iain Lunt Playsafe Systems contactless payments
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As concerns grow that cash could be spreading the coronavirus, Playsafe Systems has noted that the majority of its current orders are of Thomas PayStations and Payter contactless retrofit solutions, both of which reduce customer contact with coins and note.


Contactless payment solutions are Playsafe’s most popular post-lockdown product, with operators adapting away from cash after concerns that it could be a Covid-19 carrier.

The company’s Thomas PayStation and Payter contactless retrofit solution have made up the majority of Playsafe’s orders in recent weeks, and it has also rolled out further larger scale installations of integrated PayStation’s that allow customers to purchase and revalue Semnox Funcards.

“In the current Covid environment, there has been a huge shift away from cash transactions to contactless and electronic payments. The growing concerns that cash could be spreading the virus highlighted the urgent need for increased hygiene measures to be introduced. Our products with contactless payment options not only reduce the reliance on cash, but also help to reduce the number of customer touchpoints, therefore reducing the risk of the spread of COVID 19,” commented Iain Lunt, sales and commercial manager at Playsafe Systems. “The majority of orders that have come in since the easing of lockdown have been for contactless payment solutions. This includes our industry leading Thomas 8021C PayStation, with Bulk Coin Recycler and full Chip & Pin/Contactless reader that allows customers to purchase a TITO Ticket. Other enquiries have been for contactless change machines for campsites through to supermarket trolley token dispensers. We’ve also rolled out further larger scale installations of our Thomas Semnox integrated 8012C PayStation’s that allow customers to purchase and revalue Semnox Funcards.”

Lunt added that Playsafe has many years of experience in the handling of both cash and electronic payments, developing a variety of solutions to enable its customers to efficiently and cost effectively handle both cash and electronic payments. The top-selling Thomas PayStation accepts and dispenses both banknotes and coins, as well as accepting electronic payments via card or mobile phones for TITO and card dispensing.

Equally popular in recent weeks, the company’s Payter contactless solution is proving popular among customers requiring a contactless retrofit solution for existing equipment, including Thomas Change Machines and other change and FEC machines. With operator margins extremely tight under current circumstances, Lunt concluded that both solutions have helped customers streamline operations and increase income.

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