Crazy Toy picks up plaudits for JNC

Crazy Toy JNC Sales
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Crazy Toy has been proving one of the most popular cranes on the market in recent seasons, with supplier JNC Sales now offering it among their range of new and used machines with 12 month finance options.


Decorated with LED-lit cabinets and linkable lighting options for multiple cranes, Crazy Toy stands out from the crowd both literally and figuratively, with JNC reporting strong feedback both from customers and the Bristol-based supplier’s own operations.

“Crazy Toy is a proven earner for customers and JNC’s own operations, and is one of the best value for money new cranes on the market,” said Sam Coleman, sales and marketing manager at JNC. “The finance options are an opportunity for operators to refresh dating machines and replace with high-appeal, proven earners in a shorter period of time”

At just £44.12 per week with the 12 month finance option, Crazy Toy has performed beyond expectations over the last three seasons topping JNC’s most popular cranes chart, scoring highly with operators on reliability, ease of set-up on prize every time or percentage play, and cash box takings.

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