New Claremont Pier owner vow to restoration and investment

Claremont Pier resoration to former glory
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The new owners of Claremont Pier in Lowestoft, Suffolk, have said they intend to restore the 117-year-old attraction “to its former glory.”


The Mayne family are quickly becoming Lowestoft property moguls, having already owned Pinky’s ice cream parlour and Michael’s fish and chip shop on the town’s Esplanade by the time they put in their offer on the pier earlier this summer. That offer went on to be accepted, with the Maynes picking up the keys to the property on July 20.

“Obviously for us it’s all new as we are starting Claremont Pier from scratch…but we want to make it a family pier,” Charmaine Mayne told the Lowestoft Journal. “Having owned Pinky’s for four summers now this is what we have done here – turned it around – and we hope to do the same with the pier.”

And improvements at the pier have already started in earnest: with the new owners having already extended the amusement arcade in line with its former size back in the early 2000’s. The family have spoken of their intention to apply for grant funding which may even stretch to opening a new ferry service at some point in the future.

“We’re in talks with the National Piers Society and they have said they will try and help us,” Mayne remarked. “We hope to bring the pier back to its former glory and look towards the future.

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