ITV fails to capture arcade magic with Rolling In It

Rolling In It
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ITV proved once more that television can never replace the fun of the fair, with its latest gameshow ‘Rolling In It’ receiving a lukewarm reception from critics and audience alike.


Presented by Stephen Mulhern, the new show is based on the penny-roller, with players challenged to test their eye on a scaled-up version of the evergreen seaside favourite.

“Three contestants, helped out by three actors from Coronation Street, aimed giant coins down a ramp and onto a conveyor belt,” reported the Daily Mail’s TV critic Christopher Stevens. “Their prizes were determined by where the coins landed, with thousands of pounds depending on a lucky roll.”

“It was all a bit laborious, slowed down further by 15 multiple-choice quiz questions.”

The new Saturday night show aims to mirror the success of fellow arcade-inspired quiz Tipping Point, which sees contestants try their luck on a giant coin pusher.

Though the Ben Shepherd-fronted gameshow capitalises on the tension of seeing players quite literally on the edge, Rolling In It lacks the all-important exhilaration of the arcade, with The Independent observing “there’s not much to get excited about in Rolling In It.”

It’s enough to make you wonder why TV executives don’t come up with their own innovative gameshow concepts, instead of offering pale imitations of what arcades do best?

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