Solving an age old problem: Reflex Gaming and Yoti deliver digital age verification

Mat Ingram Reflex Gaming Yoti age verification
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Reflex Gaming has integrated digital age verification technology from Yoti into its category B and C gaming machines to provide automated proof of age.


The combination of Reflex’s Slingshot ecosystem and Yoti digital IDs brings a powerful integrated solution that helps people prove their age in two secure, privacy-preserving ways. The first is a real-time age estimation that sees people prove their age by looking in to the camera on the terminal to pass a threshold set, such as challenge 25. Once the age is estimated, the scan is deleted and there is no data held.

The second is a QR code on the machine that customers can scan to verify their age in seconds with the free Yoti app, sharing their age (verified from a government ID) and no other personal data.

Both solutions are contactless to support social distancing, enabling people to access games without the need for staff intervention.

“We’re delighted to be working with Yoti who area skilled, enthusiastic and agile company, just like Reflex,” said Mat Ingram, Reflex Gaming CPO.

“The solution is robust, bleeding-edge technology and marries very well with the cashless play solution that we are also using, the latter provided by Game Payment Technology. Having great technologies working well together is exactly what Reflex are all about and we look forward to rolling it all out in significant numbers.

”Ingram added that the solution is a win/win for operators and t heir customers, who demand fast and simple access. Regulators can also be confident that age checks are being carried out to a high standard with both solutions tackling the rise of high-quality fake IDs, which puts increased pressure on business and their staff.

“Our partnership with Reflex Gaming is making life easier for adults while preventing children from gaming,” said Robin Tombs, Yoti CEO. “Yoti’s tried and tested age verification technology is unrivalled and makes it safer for people to prove their age while protecting businesses, their staff and customers.”

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