Clacton Pier launches new NHS pusher

Clacton Pier NHS pusher
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Clacton Pier has unveiled a new charity initiative in its amusement arcade, with all profit from one of its popular pushers going to support the NHS.


The regular donations are intended to thank those on the frontline during the Coronavirus crisis, and recognise the ongoing work of healthcare staff.

“The recent weeks have made everyone aware, if they did not realise already, how lucky we are in this country to have such a wonderful health service,” pier director Elliot Ball told the Clacton and Frinton Gazette.

“Staff have gone over and above, putting their own lives at risk, to battle Covid-19 and look after our loved ones. We are going to set up an on-going and everlasting donation by giving over the profits of one of our machines.”

The pier will also contact Bacta in a bid to get the initiative picked up by arcade operators across the country.

“We are hoping that the idea will be taken up by others in our industry to make a real difference for a long time to come.”

“Coupled with our proposed NHS appreciation party, the donation will signify our grateful thanks and support for all that the NHS does for all of us.”

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