No full houses: Bongo’s Bingo adapts to new future

Bongo's Bingo adapts
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When it comes to customer innovation, it’s always worth a look at Bongo’s Bingo. This time though, it’s Bongo’s looking directly at themselves about changes..


Though Bongo’s Bingo has confirmed a series of upcoming live events at Newcastle’s Virgin Money Unity Arena, the uncertain future of large-scale gatherings has caused the anarchic global brand to reposition its offering.

With the undoubtedly popular Bongo’s Bingo experience hinging on the combination of bingo, live music, dance-offs and the excitement of a willing crowd, the prospect of continued social distancing means a reinvention may be on the cards.

“Covid-19 has knocked us,” CEO Josh Burke told iNews. “What we’re selling is kind of worthless, nobody wants it and we’re not allowed to sell it anyway.”

“We are desperate to get back to business, but unless we’re convinced we can do an event without any risk to our customers or staff, we won’t be doing it.”

As well as the Newcastle events, Bongo’s Bingo is also considering a silent disco-style game, but without permission to bring customers together again, Burke added this may just be “a drop in the ocean.”



Bongo’s Bingo has confirmed it is to bring its unique bingo event experience to Gosforth Park on 30 August and 12 September, with the company enthused at the prospect. “We obviously cannot wait to get back to doing what we love, and these outdoor shows at the arena are ideal to give everyone a release,” said Bongo’s co-founder Jonathan Lacey. “We know how tough things have been too, it’s been such a crazy and surreal time for everyone.”

Tickets for the event went on sale on 5 August, with entry to the Virgin Money Unity Arena checked via car number plate to ensure no interaction is needed between venue staff and customers. “We have all been desperate to come back but only when it is safe and right and this is the perfect place for us to do some shows as it is properly socially distanced which is great.” “We want to make it really special and give everyone some big Bongo’s Bingo love in Newcastle.”

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