GeWeTe: Demand for TiTo on the rise

Mark Edmundson GeWeTe TiTO
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Increased Covid-19 demands on customer-facing AGC and bingo staff has led to a surge in TiTO enquiries, reports GeWeTe


Mark Edmundson, Sales Manager (UK and Ireland) at Gauselmann owned GeWeTe, has cited the new work place practices introduced by operators as a result of Covid-19 as being a key driver behind what is a 20 percent uplift in enquiries received for the company’s market leading MARS TiTO solution.

“If we measure the period post-ICE London through to now there has been a significant 20 percent uptick in the number of operators wanting to discuss the options we have for TiTO” explained Edmundson. “Minimising the use of cash is obviously hugely important for a whole range of reasons not least site security and concerns regarding the transmission of the virus. There’s no doubt the heightened reluctance to use cash on behalf of both consumers and staff remains a key operational concern.

“In addition to these factors, the discussions we are having with front line operators are focusing on the efficiency of TiTO and how it reduces the pressure on customer-facing staff who now have to deal with new challenges such as the policing of social distancing and sanitising requirements as well as track and trace. It also enables staff to use their time more efficiently and effectively particularly in relation to interacting with customers and implementing the KYC – or Know Your Customer principles which are an important part of an organisation’s social responsibility commitments.”

“For operators who are not yet on TITO, the GeWeTe and Merkur Engineering teams can supply and install MARS, in the process converting many gaming machines from cash to ticket. With respect to those operators who are on TITO and who have a PC based GeWeTe machine, it is a simple process to add a debit card solution allowing players to purchase a TITO Ticket with Chip and Pin or contactless, once again without the need for any staff intervention.”

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