UDC focus on helping players play safe and stay safe

UDC Bonel Chua
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The United Distributing Company has added a new feature to many of its games to provide important health and safety information to customers during the attract mode.


Bonel Chua, UDC operations director, told Coinslot: “We had the idea a week or so before the UK lockdown started and contacted our suppliers and partners about adding messages to games to encourage players to follow guidance and to help them stay safe when the arcades would eventually open.

“The factories and software developers added the new features whilst UDC was closed and delivered the resulting modifications in time for when we re-opened on 1st July. Some of the firms had been closed themselves, or had employees working from home, just like us. It’s been a team effort spread across the UK, America and Asia that’s ready for our customers now that they’re reopening.”

Chua added: “We’re very happy with the result, which can be turned on and off by operators so that it won’t detract from the game experience once the current Covid-19 situation has passed.”

UDC will provide the health and safety updates free on Monster Island, Hero of Steel, Robot Storm, Wild West Shootout (2020 edition), TRex Fight, T-Rex Park, Cool Drops, Bug Cruncher, Zombie Crisis, Funny Cart, Space Warp 66, Carnival Cups, Dicey Jump and Hop ‘n Stack.

UDC has also produced a similar instruction video that it is supplying on request for customers with Benchmark Ticket Station machines with the TV display. Updates are available via download or on USB.

UDC has advised customers with Zombie Outbreak and older Wild West Shootout machines that their update, which also upgrades games to the latest software with extra levels, features and game tweaks, is available for a small upgrade charge .

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