The Sun comes out for Adventure Island

Adventure Island
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Adventure Island topped the bill in the Sun newspaper’s recent feature on UK attractions for a post-lockdown visit, with MD Marc Miller declaring that “it’s great to be back.”


The Sun has stated Adventure Island packs “some of the best thrills and spills around,” as part of a government-backed feature encouraging UK holidaymakers to return to the seaside.

Speaking to the national newspaper, the Southend funfair’s MD Marc Miller detailed the measures undertaken to protect staff and visitors, and the overwhelming response from returning guests.

“In the Army they say, ‘If it doesn’t move, paint it,’” said Miller. “We say, ‘If it doesn’t move, sanitise it!’

“We spent a week cleaning everything, and coating every surface in the park with a sanitiser that lasts for up to 30 days, which we’ll reapply every 20 days when the park is closed.”

The regular sanitisation is part of a wider safety strategy at the park, which has seen a significant reduction in capacity, the installation of new signage, and extensive staff training in the best practices for stopping the spread of Coronavirus.

Though Adventure Island, like many attractions across the country, faced a precarious future should lockdown have continued to take its toll, the park was able to reopen on 4 July, with the big day putting both staff and management in a festive mood.

“The 450 staff we’d put on furlough were so excited about coming back,” said Miller. “On our first day, it felt a bit like opening your presents on Christmas morning. One of the staff told me, ‘It’s fantastic – I feel like I’m home,’ which was so nice.”

“Typically, the day we opened probably saw the worst weather we’ve had since February! But we still had plenty of visitors. As I was opening up, someone told me, ‘We’ve been coming here for years, it’s part of what we do as a family, and we just want to wish you good luck.’ It’s just so lovely for us to be open. We’re one big family here, and it’s great to be back.”

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