Masks not required for arcades

masks not essential arcades
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As the government mandated the wearing of face masks in all shops and supermarkets from July 24, Bacta understands that visitors to arcades will not be required to wear a face covering.

The news may come as something of a relief to operators, after the new government stipulation received significant push-back from certain quarters of the public: with stories abounding of some members of the public vehemently resisting calls by shop staff to cover their nose and mouth. Meanwhile, a significant anti-mask rally was held in London’s Hyde Park – at which more than 7,000 signatures were collated in support of the “Keep Britain Free” campaign. Despite the vocality of this opposition however, a recent Opinium poll published in the Observer showed that the overwhelming majority of the UK public (some 71 per cent) support the government’s ruling on face masks, with just 13 per cent of respondents declaring themselves opposed.

For landed gambling, gaming and leisure businesses meanwhile, Bacta has advised its membership that current government policy is that business owners “recommend” the use of masks on premises (including at bingo halls), but that at present the policy is not a pre-requisite for entry.

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