JNC Sales launch machine financing initiative

Sam Coleman JNC Sales Finance
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JNC Sales are back in full swing with a new bespoke finance service available to customers. Sam Coleman talks to Coinslot about the initiative and the company’s first ten days of re-opening.


JNC Sales have reported a strong response following their re-opening last week. A ‘busy workshop’ and the return to the movement of machines has been described as ‘encouraging’ by the Bristol-based supplier.

Only ten days into their return, the company has already launched a new intiative, the introduction of a financial support service. JNC has appointed specialist financing house Claratus Finance to assist customers with bespoke purchasing options for equipment and machines.

Sam Coleman, JNC’s sales and marketing manager, explained the rationale behind the partnership: “We’re into our second week of re-opening and we’ve been busy in the workshop and getting machines out to customers ready for their own return to the ‘new normal’. We’ve always recognised that machines are an important investment for our customers, and given the challenging financial climate that the whole country is facing, we wanted to do our best to help customers manage their payment terms by organising bespoke arrangements for their new or used machines.”

The Claratus portfolio is versatile. Coleman noted:“We want to do our bit to try and help customers make the best of the current situation and make it easier to consider updating or changing their machine offering, so we have various payment plans in place, both internally and courtesy of Claratus Finance, to help keep things moving”

Whilst the financing initiative is the first of a number of new projects JNC plan for their re-opening schedule, for Coleman it was good to be back in full operation. He said: “It’s a tough time for everyone in the industry at the moment, but the early signs from many of our customers is that the last weekend offered a positive step into improving footfall and buyer confidence.”

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