Customer dialogue is a continuous process for GeWeTe as the industry rallies to overcome latest challenge

GeWeTe Mark Edmundson
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Mark Edmundson, GeWeTe’s sales manager, UK and Ireland, outlines how the market-leading brand is listening to customer feedback and adapting products and features to suit their needs.


How do you see the first few weeks of the industry’s re-opening panning out for you?

Mark Edmundson: As a major supplier to the industry the initial focus was to ensure all GeWeTe machines and MARS applications were fully operational prior to the 4th July openings. Going forward we believe there will be an increase in operators looking to convert more machines to TITO, or convert sites from cash to TITO. New applications are also being discussed, for example crediting and withdrawing funds to tablets/accounts to reduce the number of cash transactions.

How will your daily work routine and business functions change due to Covid-19 and lockdown?

There is more planning required now for any onsite visit/customer meetings. When we are onsite we have to ensure the safety of everyone. Having the onsite track and trace system is an encouraging sign that everyone is taking the new way of operating seriously, and is protecting everyone as much as possible.

Social distancing and international travel are two key areas that will need adjustment. How will that impact on your business and what measures are you taking to adapt?

There are still more conference calls rather than face to face meetings, but as more operators get back into the new way of operating I am sure more face to face meeting will start to happen. We fully respect that the main focus of all of our customers is to open and provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for their customers and then look ahead at new systems to assist the growth of the business and efficiency to their operating systems.

You’ve got a reputation for hitting the ground running, so what’s on the product development plan?

GeWeTe has everything under one roof at our Head Office in Mechernich, Germany allowing us to prioritise everything we do when it comes to R&D and new features. We are listening to customer feedback on what they need to ensure a safe working environment for both players and staff and adapting our products and features to suit – this is a continuous and ongoing process for the company.

What has been the real impact of look-down on business and the industry in general?

I think it will be some time before we see the real impact of the lockdown. We hear on a daily basis about companies reducing staffing levels, high streets closing more and more shops and new localised lockdowns being ordered. Overall, I think it’s going to be a very tough future for everyone for many months to come.

For our industry, we need as many sites across the UK open and generating income. As an industry, we have overcome many significant challenges in the past and I am confident that we can also work together to get through this as well.

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