Majestic successfully completes first stage of re-opening but issue stinging criticism of government approach

Mark Jepp Majestic Bingo
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Mark Jepp, managing director of Majestic Bingo, has issued a cautionary note about the commercial viability of some businesses in the hospitality sector which have seen their customer base ‘scared to death’ by government messaging and the protocols forced on consumer facing organisations.


Speaking after overseeing a staged re-opening of seven clubs on so called Super Saturday, Jepp said: “First of all I would like to congratulate my team. It was a big undertaking and everyone rose to the challenge of welcoming back our community of players, at the same time as implementing the protocols stipulated by government.

“Customers were extremely pleased to return, in fact many thanked the teams personally for being open again and enabling them to meet up with their friends after being forced to spend such a long time on their own. We had a few to be expected teething problems with technology and in terms of admissions, we hit slightly more than 60 percent of our pre-lockdown figures albeit on a reduced promotional spend which was in line with our expectations.”

He added: “On a broader note I can only conclude that the UK Government simply does not understand the damage lockdown has done to so many businesses and how difficult it will be to recover with social distancing measures in place even at 1m plus.

“I think a lot of businesses will find it extremely hard to return to profitability. When a full economic, social and cultural audit of the consequences of the government’s strategy for dealing with the virus is undertaken I struggle to see how it can possibly be explained or justified.”

July 11 and 12 will see Majestic reopen a further four clubs with the balance of five scheduled for the following weekend.

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