Bowling alleys left on the sidelines

Bowling alleys
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Bowling alleys across the UK have been left disappointed and unable to reopen despite easing of lockdown restrictions for many.


Hollywood Bowl had previously announced it was reopening on 4 July and unveiled the measures it would take to keep customers safe, however the government decision on which venues can return has left the sector out in the cold, with their planned reopening date on hold.

“Following the latest directive from the UK government on 23rd June our bowling centres remain temporarily closed,” said an email to customers. “Whilst we don’t know an exact date, it is our intention to reopen our centres as soon as we are given the guidance to do so and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.”



A family-run entertainment centre has said not being able to open up parts of the business “soul-destroying.” With a gym, soft play area and bowling alley all still shut beyond 4 July, JR’s in North Walsham has been left with only its Diner and Maize Maze to bring in revenue.

“While we were not surprised that the soft play area and the gym would not reopen, I was surprised that bowling alleys had to remain shut,” said Jon Goodyear, operations manager at JR’s. “It was really disappointing as we had put all the measures in place and done all the staff training. The news was soul destroying when you’re already struggling to hold on to your business.”

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