Industry split on post-Covid prospects

DCMS Coronavirus Impact Business Survey
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A new survey by the DCMS has shown a divide in the UK’s gambling industry in regard to the long-term prospect of operators, post-pandemic.


Figures released as part of the Coronavirus Impact Business Survey, which studied a broad array of industries, included responses from around 50 gambling companies – most of which appear to have been from the landed sector.

Of that sample, when answering the question as to whether they faced existential challenges to their operations in the coming months, roughly half (approximately 20) said they did, with the same number answering in the negative.

Meanwhile, the majority of operators (30) said that the lockdown had deprived them of the entirety of their income, with a smaller figure (14) claiming to have lost between 50 to 99 per cent of their revenue. Only two companies (presumably online providers) actually saw their revenues increase since the institution of lockdown on March 23.

With such a vast loss of business clearly evident in the statistics, it was small wonder that the lion’s share of gambling operators (32) also said that they had drawn upon government funding to furlough between 75 per cent to 100 per cent of their staff. Whilst three companies said they had utilised grant money to furlough a smaller chunk of their workforce, just under half of companies (20 in total) said that they had steered clear of the furlough scheme altogether.

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