Lightning 360 finally installed at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Lightning 360 ride Yarmouth
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Happy endings (no, not that kind – get your head out the gutter) have been few and far between of late, but that’s exactly how the tumultuous story of the new ride at Great Yarmouth Pleasure has ended – after park management confirmed that their latest purchase, the Lightning 360 ride, would be up-and-running by the time of the park’s reopening on July 11.


Park owner Albert Jones previously spoke of how the park had only just invested half a million pounds in the brand new attraction when lockdowns began to be enforced across Europe, stranding the ride close to its manufacturers in northern Italy.

With a follow-up punch coming in the form of a significantly shortened summer season from which to recoup his investment, it seemed like Jones would be both denied the ride itself and any opportunity to cushion the cost with income from his old line-up.

Thankfully, the Lightning 360 finally reached its new home earlier this month and the eight-arm attraction is now fully assembled at the seafront site. An excited Jones has now confirmed that it will be ready to take pride of place at the park by the time it welcomes back new visitors later this summer.

“Our new Lightning 360 attraction should prove a big draw this summer and no doubt the Scenic, one of only a handful of remaining wooden roller coasters left in the UK, will be as popular as ever,” he told the Lowestoft Journal this weekend, adding that “the safety of visitors and staff remains our top priority.”

The ride will replace the Mulan caterpillar, retired after 20 years of service in October last year, and is named after an iconic WWII fighter plane.

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