Blackpool South Pier directors fined for asbestos breach

South Pier asbestos sentence
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Two directors of Blackpool South Pier have been ordered to pay over £130,000 in fines by Preston Crown Court, after pleading guilty to health and safety failures during the removal of asbestos from the Lancashire landmark.


Peter Sedgwick Jr and Finoa Blaylock were also handed 300 hours community service, after being found to have endangered the safety of staff and visitors by ordering three untrained employees to remove the hazardous material.

“You took a huge risk to the public and to untrained and unprotected men with no prior experience of handling or managing asbestos,” said Judge Andrew Jefferies QC.

“I’ve read their three statements and it is quite clear they should never have been anywhere near the asbestos.”

Sedgwick and Blaylock had tasked the three staff members with the removal of the circus tent roof from the landward end of the pier in June 2018, after turning down a £17,000 quote from a professional asbestos treatment firm, which would have resulted in six days loss of trading.

However, following the discovery of asbestos contamination both inside and outside the pier by council Health and Safety officials, the clean up operation resulted in costs of £140,000 and closure for six weeks.

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