Will pubs turn to tech for social distancing support?

Pub tech social distancing
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Post-lockdown social distancing rules are forcing pubs to adapt through the use of technology.

Designed to provide “the opposite of social distancing”, according to The British Institute of Innkeeping’s chief executive Steve Alton, pubs have had to completely rethink their approach to customer behaviour.

Following the launch of an eBook on the subject, Access Hospitality managing director Henry Seddon explained that technology is a vital cog in publicans “reimagining and redesigning” their venues.

“Many operators feel it may be impossible to implement social distancing measures, so everyone is conscious that re-opening under restrictions isn’t as straightforward as it sounds,” he said. “But technology aids are available to minimise the impact that restrictions could have on levels of trade, cash flow and profit.”

Pub tech provider Eagle Eye added that the cost-effective application of these technology aids across not just big pub players but independent sites will be key in seeing the sector through the Covid-19 emergency.

“You’ve got people like JD Wetherspoon that implemented its app – which was phenomenal – but that technology needs to be brought to your local,” said Eagle Eye’s Al Henderson. “The Dog & Duck down the road needs to be able to implement that in order to be able to trade in the same scenario.”

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