Fairground Heritage Trust calls for Showmen’s Covid experiences

Fairground Heritage Showmen Covid-19
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The Fairground Heritage Trust has called on Showmen across the UK to contribute stories and pictures of their Coronavirus volunteering experiences for a new online exhibition.


The trust is aiming to commemorate the efforts by the show community to support frontline staff and vulnerable neighbours during the period, as well as how the industry itself has been affected.

“This time is going to be an important part of Showmen’s history in the future,” said Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre curatorial manager Alison Holmes. “Help to have your experiences of this time recorded for history – including all the good work you have been doing for the NHS.”

The online exhibition will seek to record for posterity the good deeds done by showmen, including driving, donations and food deliveries, as well as the more personal experiences of sourcing grants, caring for families and keeping safe.

The collection will feature first-hand accounts, interviews, photos, videos and pictures, and will eventually become a full-scale exhibition at the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre.

As well as housing the Fairground Heritage Trust, the West Devon museum is also home to the National Fairground Collection, featuring a large array of vintage rides, stalls and shows.

Contributions to the exhibition should be sent to interact fairground-heritage.org.uk

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