PG Consultancy champions marketing’s role in recovery

Phil Gibbs PG Consultancy
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With 35 years industry experience behind the newly formed PG Consultancy, consultant Phil Gibbs outlines just how important marketing and promotions will be in ensuring both recovery and growth across the industry.


One year after its launch, PG Consultancy already has a string of successful marketing and promotional projects to its name, helping many operators increase brand awareness, footfall, and revenue.

Launched by industry veteran of 35-years Phil Gibbs, the company is looking back on a positive first year, as well as outlining the goals and unique skills that will help firms recover from the Coronavirus crisis.

“It’s been an interesting time since we launched in terms of various projects across the leisure sector,” said consultant Phil Gibbs. “Projects have included a new user guide, new sector websites, the launch of a new bingo operation, promotional launch packages and guidance with mystery shopping projects to name but a few.”

Though the last year has been exceptionally productive for PG Consultancy, Coronavirus undoubtedly presents unexpected and unprecedented new challenges.

In this turbulent period, Gibbs observes that it will be marketing and promotions that are key to rebuilding brands.

“Customers are clearly going to be nervous and the player base might not all return at once. Businesses will need to balance the safe and secure message along with the ‘Welcome Back’ themed communication in order to build their business back to some sort of normal.”

With uncertainty the current watchword for amusement firms, Gibbs’ industry experience will be hugely beneficial to operators looking for guidance on how normality can be resumed as swiftly and safely as possible.

“Having worked in the leisure industry for over 35 years and launched over three hundred businesses, PG Consultancy is uniquely placed to advise both large and small operators on all marketing and promotional matters.”

“We aim to provide a clear strategy in terms of helping businesses with all aspects of the journey including social distancing, external awareness, social media, budget planning and launch activity.”

“Promotions could take the shape of simple direct marketing options to more aggressive campaigns aimed at returning a larger footprint for operators.”

However, it’s not simply a return to the status quo that PG Consultancy is looking to help businesses achieve, with Gibbs stating the consultancy will also see operators “lay the foundations for growth.”


New normal? – Phil Gibbs looks to the future

Coinslot: All talk is about the new normal. How do you see that looking for our industry and what opportunities do you see for the business in this new framework?

Phil Gibbs: I think as in the past the industry will learn quickly to adapt to this new normal by challenging its previous frameworks. There will be opportunities to launch new sessions for bingo, new machine products and game play. Innovations in technology and communication methods will allow the sector to communicate better and offer enhanced rewards to its audience through different channels. There is also a belief that sectors will join forces to promote a clear statement of unity for its venues, players and teams in order to rebuild for the future.

CS: It’s a tough environment for any business at the moment, what kind of issues are you picking up right now from the marketplace?

PG: I think the big issue for any operator at present is always going to be getting back to some sort of normal trading. Customers will seek to be assured that premises are safe before they return, they might not necessarily be persuaded with the standard marketing offers. It will be a slow process, but I feel that the industry will emerge stronger than before.

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