The fact is that no one knows what the ‘new normal’ will be

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During the lockdown the Blueprint team has been working hard on ensuring that we would be able to support our customers’ reopening strategies courtesy of a programme of new games releases introduced alongside menu enhancements.


We have also started to unfurlough some of our broader teams in advance of businesses reopening in order to ensure that we are able to respond immediately and be able to assist our customers with any of their reopening issues. Blueprint’s overarching commitment is to be able to provide our broad customer base with any assistance they might require in the lead up to, during and after reopening.

In terms of the government guidelines we don’t have any major concerns or issues. Quite simply, we will comply with what’s required by government as well the requirements of our customers to protect staff and of course players. I think the most talked about issue relates to the ‘new normal’ and what it will look like. The fact is that no one knows what the ‘new normal’ will be. We expect that it will take some time for ‘normal’ trading levels to resume. We certainly hope that business and trading can return to pre-lockdown levels but we simply don’t know what that time frame will be.

I’m delighted that we have used this enforced break from the norm to prepare ourselves and to continuously improve in order to achieve our ultimate objective of consistently being recognised for being the very best machine supplier in the market.


The Lockdown highs have been about improving, learning new methods of maintaining business communications and getting those tasks completed that we rarely found the time to address. It’s also been a time to reset and explore ways of doing things slightly differently. The downs revolve around the metrics of business – comprising a significant loss of revenue and profit – but also the uncertainty and anxiety felt by work colleagues and customers alike.

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