“Luckily we are a robust industry, one that is always innovating and looking to new opportunities”

Mark Horwood UDC
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UDC are closely following the UK Government guidelines and carefully following industry advice in readiness to re-opening.


Our plan is to re-open once the government have granted permission for FEC’s to open so that we are able to support our customers from day one.

There’s been concern about people visiting holiday spots. We’d very much like to see holiday parks to re-open as soon as possible in a safe manner. I’m sure owners of caravans would very much enjoy a change of scenery. These caravans and other holiday homes have a lot of space between them and allow people to stay in isolated groups and take the same measures that they do at home.

We don’t yet know everything there is to know about what the “new normal” will be, or how long it will last. The first task for us is for our sector of the industry is to get FEC’s open and income producing. The operators are taking on board all advice as to best practice to make their premises safe for workers and customers. Once they’re open owners will evolve their strategies over time to allow them best to operate their premises, which will likely be consumer led.

Luckily we are a robust industry, one that is always innovating and looking to new opportunities. I’m confident that we’ll recover lost income in the future as well as grow our businesses. I have no doubt we will get through this moment in time and we look forward to a fantastic future.”


As the pandemic is not yet over asking what has been my highs and lows is gives the impression we are at the end of this matter. The pandemic is still an emotional rollercoaster with good days and bad days. So far the lowest point was when Government started lockdown and told business to close which delivered a big shock, with a real sense of an uncertain future.

There’s been a great deal of moral support from our team, many of us have been staying in touch with each other online. Technology has been invaluable, such as Zoom, as has the advice from Bacta and talking with others facing the same predicament. The real high will be once things get back to normal.”

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