GeWeTe outlines solutions to cash handling concerns and confirms on-going support for operators as industry returns to business

GeWeTe payment terminals
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GeWeTe sales manager Mark Edmundson takes a look at the challenges that lie ahead for businesses as they prepare for the ‘new normal’ in post-lockdown Britain. And top of the list will be cash; not just making it, but the process of taking it and keeping consumers and staff safe and at ease with the exchange.


Mark Edmundson, sales manager at the Gauselmann owned market leaders, GeWeTe, believes a reluctance to use cash on behalf of both consumers and staff will be a key issue as some businesses in the UK prepare to return to work next week. He explained: “I am sure there will be some initial reticence to use cash due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of the operators that have been speaking with us have been looking at ways to reduce the levels of cash handling on site, whilst maintaining the correct social distancing and ensuring player and staff protection at all times. Where we have to minimise personal contact, the cash handling systems a business has in place are more important than ever to ensure the safe operation in venues during what is a difficult period.”

Reflecting on the mood and concerns of the market, he continued: “Operators are also wondering how players will feel about using cash especially as over the last eight or more weeks we have all been encouraged to use bank cards more and more, especially in relation to contactless transactions below the new limit of £45, which in turn has increased the need for an improved debit card self-service solution on site. GeWeTe has options to address this which is the reason why we are seeing a significant increase in the volume of enquiries for MARS TITO as well as debit card options for the GeWeTe machines, alongside an increase in enquiries for cash handling options generally.”

For operators already on TITO and who have a PC based GeWeTe machine, adding a debit card solution is a simple process allowing players to purchase a TITO Ticket with contactless or Chip & Pin, without the need for any staff intervention. It also reduces cash in gaming machines and the volume of card transaction funds deposited direct to a bank account.

For those who are not yet on TITO, the GeWeTe and Merkur Engineering teams can supply and install MARS, converting many gaming machines from cash to ticket. This improves efficiency and reduces the level of cash in circulation on site, in addition to many other operational benefits not least improved security.

“The MARS and GeWeTe systems give staff the ability to dispense a Promotional Ticket via the GeWeTe machine, either eliminating or reducing Promo Tokens and Promo Cash” stated Edmundson. “Whilst promo tickets across all gaming manufacturers is still in development we believe it is only a matter of time before this has the flexibility to be used across more and more machines on site.”

Looking ahead to the June 15 opening date for AGCs he confirmed: “It has been welcomed by those of our customers who are able to open and I think it also gives hope to the rest of the UK operators/ sectors. Being part of the Gauselmann Group has proved very beneficial and we are using the experience gained across the Group and implementing their knowledge throughout our operation in the UK which in turn will benefit our customers. Our message is firstly and most importantly to wish all of our customer good health and to underline the fact that we are here to help and support them. We have been since the introduction of the lockdown in March and will be so even more now and into the future.”

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