Instance Automatics: “…we changed our business model in a heartbeat…”

Ian Eason Instance Automatics
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We’ve been asked about our plans in terms for re-opening, but the truth is we never closed. We are still open now!


There’s a lot of discussion about the government guidelines for businesses to re-open. But there’s nothing set in stone. It’s still only guidelines at the moment. People are really jumping the gun on this, my view is let’s wait until it’s clear.

We had to evolve the day of lockdown, I didn’t want to furlough any staff as I didn’t want to put any pressure on the government as they are already under financial burden.

But we also found that we were not eligible for the leisure & tourism grant (they said we are not part of the leisure industry) or the Local Council grant (we are bigger rates-wise than their ceiling amount).

So we jumped into sourcing PPE and developing Sanitiser Stations and Artwork kits aimed to help our fellow Arcadians, and ended up supplying the NHS with products and services too.

So all in all we changed our business model in a heartbeat, but will be really glad to get back to our core business.

Going forward I think we all know things are probably never going to be the same as before covid, we will all need to cut our cloth accordingly and focus on different ways to make our business fit.

In terms of what we need to overcome the huge challenges the industry faces over the next few years? It’s simple, we have to evolve with the current restrictions, If we don’t evolve we will have to close, it’s just another challenge we all have to face head on.

Let’s be positive and make the best of what we have, we have hit barriers before, none as big as this, but we can get through it, focus on what you do, do it safer, do it more efficient and we will win again!


Drinking far too much alcohol, fishing far too much (in my own lake), eating far too much too, missing going into cities and also going out to eat.

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