Number dive: Some glimmers amongst the clouds

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To channel the spirit of the good-old weatherman (yeah, or woman – put it in your blog), the overall outlook for the gambling industry may have been gloomy in the Gambling Commission latest figures, but delving a little deeper into the numbers, and there were some definite sunny spells.

industry Market shareTrue, overall gaming machine takings took a hit to the tune of 11.8 per cent, but that result was both inevitable and anomalous – with B2 overhaul skewing the numbers significantly downward. Viewing machine by category type made for markedly more pleasant reading: with Cat C numbers down, but not significantly (just 1.4 per cent) – to a total of £3.4m.

Meanwhile, both B1 and D machine types were in the green, with net coin-drop up 4.6 and 4.3 per cent respectively, netting operators £9.6m (B1) and £3.5m (D). Meanwhile, as of the close of last September, B3 machines held the largest share of the market, comprising just over half (52.6 per cent) of machines active throughout the country. The humbled B2 terminal held second place in the distribution stakes, representing a quarter (25.2 per cent) of machine count, with Cat C (9.8 per cent), B1 (8.8 per cent) and D (3.4 per cent) occupying the remaining quadrant of the action.

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