Hostage public will lead to surge in staycations, says English Heritage

English Heritage Staycation summer
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English Heritage has said that it is preparing for a massive surge in staycations later on this summer, as international travel essentially grinds to a halt.


A mandatory 14-day quarantine period on all international arrivals to the UK (including returning British citizens) has effectively confined the British public to domestic shores for the remainder of the year, and the heritage charity has said that accordingly it has sent teams to all of its 420 historical sites to mark out safe social-distancing guidelines in anticipation of a surge of home-grown excursions at the expense of foreign visitors.

“It’s going to be much, much, quieter than usual because no one is going to come from overseas,” said English Heritage chief executive Kate Mavor, who added that “sixty-five per cent of our visitors to Stonehenge normally come from overseas.”

But the country’s leisure and hospitality operators seem doubtful that any surge in domestic footfall can save them from the pervading dire economic circumstances.

“I don’t see any kind of positive apart from it will be less shit if we open in July and August,” Bournemouth hotelier Mark Cribb told the Financial Times on Monday. “The number of businesses in tourism towns that won’t come out of this will be catastrophic.”

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