NHS supplier JAKsan brings anti-bacterial sanitisers to the industry

JAKsan hand sanitisers
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When it comes to reopening, there is nothing more important than personal protective equipment and supplies. One specialist in the area, JAKsan, has added the gaming industry to a portfolio where the NHS sits as its key client. Coinslot talks to managing director Patrick McKay about tackling the enormous challenges facing British businesses.


‘An outstanding product at a fair price’ is the mantra adopted by JAKsan, the family owned hygiene supplies company which counts the NHS among its customers and is now also supplying the gaming industry with its range of anti-bacterials, sanitisers and PPE.

Managing director Patrick McKay says the company’s 20-year history in the sector sets it apart from the opportunistic suppliers that have emerged on the scene having simply identified a commercial opportunity. He explained: “When the outbreak started in March, I was asked to source anti-bacterial products by a number of front-line services. This was mostly due to our experience sourcing ethanol, the main ingredient in hand sanitising gel, liquid. The World Health Organisation formulations for sanitiser stipulate that it’s made from either Ethanol or Isopropyl with an alcohol rate of 60 percent to be effective.”

“I’m proud to say that we very quickly sourced and delivered product to the NHS, the Fire Service, medical supply companies as well as many additional industry sectors. All the manufacturers that we use are based in the UK and are specialists, with this being their primary business activity. All of them have sterile manufacturing facilities and they have been supplying the leading household brands for many years.”

JAKsan also has a trusted supply chain for PPE and McKay issued a warning about the quality of some of the equipment that’s entered the market. “PPE is a sector that can be very complex and difficult – we are hearing about so many fake garments and masks which means that everyone has to be vigilant on sourcing,” he said. “Our supply chain for PPE is our trusted medical supply sector. We have a reciprocal arrangement whereby they supply us with verified PPE and we supply them with the anti-bacterials they need. We can also supply social distancing screening for sites, that wish to install them.”

JAKsan’s relationship with the gaming industry began when it received an order from Blueprint for anti-bacterial sanitisers, in the process opening up a new sector for the business. “We want to offer the gaming sector a safe, sterile and competitive solution to fight this pandemic. We do not want to apply the excessive pricing structure that many other companies are implementing. Instead we want to offer a cost-effective and trusted solution to help the wider gaming community ride this storm and get venues and clubs back open and running when it is safe to do so.”

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