Strike! Hollywood Bowl secure rent deferrals on 21 percent of estate

Hollywood Bowl seeking rent deferrals
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Hollywood Bowl, Britain’s biggest tenpin bowling operator which also offers customers a full arcade entertainment experience from gaming to low stake gambling, is seeking rent deferrals of up to a year with its landlords.


The brand, which has secured deferrals of between nine to 12 months from its three biggest landlords, covering 13 of its venues, is in talks with a further 23 which own the remainder of the 60 strong estate.

With annual rent and service charges of in excess of £21 million, the company has argued that it should not have to pay rent on empty properties. Chief financial officer, Laurence Keen told The Times newspaper that the government had helped businesses with furloughing with rent constituting the one big remaining issue to settle. He refused to confirm whether it planned to pay the June quarter rent.

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