Clevedon Pier survey completed by drones

Clevedon Pier Drone Survey complete
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The Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust has stated the Grade I-listed landmark is “in good condition” after drones were used for the first time to survey the 151-year old structure.


The new technology will allow for more regular assessment of the pier, replacing in person surveyor visits, as regular maintenance becomes increasingly important.

“We carried out the survey at a low Spring tide which allowed us to look at the foundations which are only visible three to four times a year,” said trust director Simon Talbot-Ponsonby.

“The footage captured allowed us to see things we haven’t seen for a long time.”

“We were pleased to see the repairs we did to the concrete foundations in 1997 have stood up well. Using drones has allowed us to collect a good photographic, close up record of the condition of the whole pier.”

The footage was collected by local firm DroneSurv, during the exceptionally low tide earlier this month.

“This is the first time we have ever used drones to carry out an inspection. What the survey has shown us is that overall the pier is in good condition.”

“But like any structure, maintenance is always needed. This survey will allow us to identify any work needed early on.”

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