Instance Automatics leads Support the Great British Seaside campaign

Great British Seaside campaign
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Instance Automatics is leading a Support the Great British Seaside campaign, as part of an effort to help boost coastal tourism when freedom of movement returns.


With seaside resorts potentially poised to enjoy a staycation increase when lockdown is lifted, managing director of the machine supplier Ian Eason urged operators to install the campaign flags up and down the UK coast.

“Flag and flagpole kit available from Monday,” said Eason via social media on 13 May. “The flagpole is a very high quality aluminium pole, with a strong galvanised steel base, ideal for seaside use.”

“Triangular double sided flag, with mounting and tethering kit, we will take some photos of the ones we are putting up on our building soon. Kit price will be £199.00 per unit, again this is a top quality flagpole, made for the job, other designs of flags available on request & custom flags are also an option.”

The flag – which features an iconic stick of British rock enjoying the traditional elements of a seaside holiday – is designed to encourage holidaymakers into returning to the seaside when it is safe to travel.

Though tourists are projected to return, a significant amount of bookings and visitors will be needed to help reverse the economic effect of lockdown.

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