Novomatic calls on government to allow AGCs to reopen in June

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Novomatic is calling on the government to allow Adult Gaming Centres to reopen in the next phase of exit measures alongside “non-essential retail” venues from early June.


In a statement issued this week, Novomatic’s Paul Terroni presented the case for an early re-opening, confident that the country’s AGCs were able to enforce social distancing and other hygiene measures to become ‘Covid-19 secure’ by 1 June.

Paul Terroni
Paul Terroni, Novomatic UK

Terroni explained that AGCs only see low numbers of customers at any one time and that they are always supervised by trained staff in a highly regulated environment.

“Venues will be able to easily enforce social distancing, and other hygiene measures detailed in risk assessments and backed up with training and messaging,” he said. “Novomatic has an extensive safe reopening strategy for our High Street AGCs, focussed on social distancing, hygiene measures and training based on the Government’s recommendations. This will doubtless be reflected throughout the sector nationwide.”

Terroni advised that the government not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to ending lockdown, and that slightly different schedules for reopening might be required for different sectors. AGCs, however, are ready to shape the model of safe reopening come 1 June.

He explained: “We are calling for early reopening as we are very confident that we can reopen safely and in a low risk environment enabling us to bring back enjoyment for our customers, to begin restoring the UK’s leisure industry and to enable us to once again make our strong contribution to the vibrancy of local high streets, local employment and to the British economy.”

Paul Terroni concluded: “We will be actively lobbying government this week to support AGC’s earlier re-start and would urge others in our sector to do the same.

We are all going to have to adapt to new ways of operating leisure businesses following the onset of Covid 19 and the need to keep in close contact with the various governmental departments is now more vital than ever.

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