Flying a kite: Tourism body proposes social distancing mark as a ‘ring of confidence’ for nervous consumers

Social Distancing kite mark
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Social distancing is the frame within which business will hang its medium term future in. But what will it entail, and more importantly, can it lure a retiscent customer back? Coinslot spoke to Bacta about the idea of a social distancing kite-mark currently being floated around the tourism industry.


Bacta has provided a cautious welcome to the proposed introduction of a kite symbol for those hospitality businesses and attractions operating certified protocols on social distancing. The move, initiated by Visit Britain, is designed to address the confidence-shortfall that many observers fear will keep the public indoors despite a more liberal approach to the lockdown.

Visit Britain’s acting chief executive, Patricia Yates, said: “We have been working across the industry and with the UK government to ensure that tourism is able to recover as quickly as possible. We have also been talking to destination management organisations about how they coordinate their destinations coming out of lockdown.

“While timelines and clear guidance from the government are key, a clear ask of us from the industry is to develop a common industry standard quality mark that would provide a ‘ring of confidence’ for tourism businesses, attractions and destinations, as well as reassurance to visitors that businesses have clear processes in place as restrictions are lifted. While discussions are ongoing with the industry, plans include businesses completing a free online assessment to check they are taking the necessary steps to adhere to the official government guidelines and be provided with a quality mark they could use and a certificate that recognises they have gone through the process.”

Bacta chief executive John White said: “It’s an interesting idea and indeed one that Bacta members suggested following the publication of our reopening strategy. We would need to be clear about the standards businesses would be expected to reach and it’s enforcement regime. There will be lots of questions to answer before we could be sure it’s fit for purpose. In any case is there a suggestion you could have a hierarchy of safety? For me, being a Bacta member should be assurance enough.”

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