What next for Skegness?

Skegness lockdown arcade
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Lincolnshire resort Skegness has been flagged as the most economically vulnerable place in lockdown Britain – but locals are divided as to the best path forward.


The people of Skegness have been voicing their opinions as to how they envision their town emerging out of the presiding lockdown measures, just a week on after a report flagged the town as the most economically vulnerable place in the UK.

But with a pledge this week from Boris Johnson that his government will soon unveil plans to re-open the economy and send kids back to school, Skegness local online news-source Lincolnshire Live has been attempting to gauge whether or not residents of the seaside resort are ready and willing to resume some semblance of normal life.

For his part, local councillor Steve Kirk has said that any extended lockdown will inevitably have knock-on effects to the resort’s “ambitious regeneration plans,” but that argument didn’t convince Geoff Rogers, a 76-year old retiree who lives right on the waterfront.

“I don’t think you should lift it all for a few weeks,” he told the site. “I know it’s been hard on some places, like the B&B’s here, but you have to save for a rainy day because you never know what is going to happen.”

“The last thing we want is holidaymakers coming too soon and the rate of infections going up again,” he continued. “Keep it like it is and keep Skegness quiet, I say.”

But that wasn’t view point of fellow resident Susan Shaw, who has lived in Skegness for over decade and looks forward to businesses being able to re-open as soon as possible.

“It’s sad what has happened and they’re the ones I feel for the most,” she remarked. “The sooner everything is back open the better but whether it will happen at all this summer, I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, Tracie Smith made the point that as a tourist destination, Skegness and other coastal resorts faced the risk of heightened levels of infection – due to a potential influx of visitors from elsewhere.

“As soon as lockdown is over every man and his dog will come here and puts us more at risk,” she argued. “Any re-opening definitely has to be done in stages.”


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