Instance Automatics develops Covid-19 safety range to help industry to open

Instance Automatics PPE Health & Safety
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Looking at other ways to keep wages paid after the March Lockdown began, Instance Automatics has developed a range of solutions to assist businesses when they eventually reopen and have to comply with the government’s yet to be announced “Covid-19 secure” guidelines.


Instance Automatics has announced the development of Sani Station and Auto Announcer to help the industry reopen when lockdown finally ends, with the company adding to its PPE and range of pandemic-related signage.

Managing director Ian Eason explained how the company adapted to the new environment early in an attempt to keep wages flowing, starting with shipping PPE and progressing to a point where he began to develop specific solutions for the amusements industry.

“As our business came to a sudden halt, totally may I add, we decided to look at other avenues to try to keep the wages paid, instead of doing the easy furlough option and putting the government under more pressure,” detailed Eason. “We got into PPE early doors sourcing sanitiser, face masks and face shields, we also shipped in 40’ of disposable overalls and sold this to an NHS supplier.”

Instance Automatics also began making artwork kits for walls, floors and machines, which are intended to provide information to customers such as ‘Keep a safe distance’ and ‘Sanitise your hands’. The latter can be facilitated by the company’s new Sani Station, which Eason believes will become a regular sight in businesses across the UK.

“With our sister company OM Vending, in Peralta, Northern Spain, we started development of a sanitiser dispenser, naming it Sani Station. Like all other stuff we make, we ensure it’s strong, robust and made to last (as I believe we are going to have these dotted around for years to come),” said Eason. “It’s a small size and holds between 1.4 and 2 litres, depending on what size dispenser is available to us at the time. Each use of the machine dispenses around 1ml per press, limiting fill ups, and we have also sourced 5 litre bottles of gel for refills.”

Depending on an operator’s requirements, Sani Station is available in three different models; floor standing, counter mounted and wall mounted. It’s a product that will need to be supported by information that encourages its use, and while signage goes a long way, Instance Automatics has been working on another method to deliver pandemic-related messaging to customers. “In the last week we have developed an Auto Announcer unit that can be fitted above doors to play out six or more voiceovers,” added Eason.

Currently, these include;

•‘Please keep a safe distance from others, government guidelines are 2 metres, which is around 6.5 feet’;

•‘If people limiting restrictions are in place, please queue sensibly and safely and be polite to the door staff, they are doing this to protect us all’;

•‘On entering the building, hand sanitizer is available for your use, please ensure you sanitize your hands regularly’;

•‘Whilst in this venue, please keep a distance of 2 metres from people outside of your family’;

•‘We are sanitizing & disinfecting equipment all the time, please keep your distance whilst cleaning is in motion.’;

•‘Please support the UK Seaside, we love seeing you every year. Stay safe and come back soon’.

“We also play ‘Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside’ after the last one. The unit plays one sound file, then waits 20 seconds before playing the next one,” concluded Eason. “This unit will be available from next week, visit our website and search for Covid – you will find all the stuff we have in place, to help you go into return to being OPEN mode!”


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