Clevedon Pier could see reserves dry up by September

Clevedon pier lockdown warning
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The Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust has warned that the pier could run out of funds by autumn, with the first three months of lockdown already causing a £95,000 income shortfall.


With annual running costs reaching £315,000, and the pier requiring constant maintenance, the trust voiced concerns that any prolonging of the lockdown could spell disaster for the Grade I-listed attraction.

“We currently have enough funds to keep us going until September,” trust chair Phil Curme told the Bristol Post. “But if the current situation continues, it does leave us in a very difficult position.”

“It’s a worrying time for us, but the pier has been here for over 150 years and we will do everything we can to ensure its future.”

The pier generates £210,000 annually in ticket sales, with the trust hoping that the easing of lockdown restrictions in the near future could see some of this income restored.

“If we do come out of full lockdown it may be possible to open up parts of the pier.”

“In the days before lockdown we were using the old ticket window in the toll booth which has a screen to protect visitors and staff.”

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