Energy suppliers leave hospitality sector out in the cold

Energy Suppliers leave hospitality sector in cold
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Companies involved in the broadly based hospitality sector are being effectively denied access to cheaper energy deals as they are considered to be risky by suppliers.


The first to be impacted by the lockdown and among the last to return to work, the sector dominated by pubs, bars, restaurants and other leisure driven destination venues, has fallen victim to strict credit checks making it harder for businesses to switch supplier and thereby benefit from cheaper deals. Although there’s no suggestion that hospitality is being deliberately blacklisted by energy suppliers, Chris Shaw, chief executive of Utility Bidder, which specialises in helping business source new energy suppliers, told the Daily Telegraph: “In normal market conditions we could be helping save businesses money, but we can’t as they don’t have the ability to switch.” He added: “Without switching there is no pressure to increase choice on pricing.”

According to the Daily Telegraph, British Gas’s specialist supplier for small businesses, British Gas Lite, is among the brands understood to have raised the threshold credit score they require. Although suppliers have provided assurances to government with regards to domestic customers who are unable to pay their bills, the agreement does not extend to business customers.

• If you have experienced difficulties in switching energy suppliers due to new tougher thresholds, contact

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