Lane7 “definitely going ahead” with Leicester site

bowling Lane7 plans
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Bowling Operator Lane7 has confirmed plans for a new 22,000 sq ft alley in Leicester will go ahead, despite delays caused by the Coronavirus.


The Leicester Central railway station site will offer a “unique bowling experience like you’ve never seen before” in the brand’s largest alley to date.

“Timescales have obviously been affected but we can confirm we do still plan to open,” a spokesperson for the firm told Leicestershire Live, adding the site is “definitely going ahead.”

As well as bowling, the complex will include a double-height shipping container village, incorporating arcade amusements and a variety of dining options.

The site was originally slated to open in Autumn 2019, however construction was delayed due to the size of the project, with the opening put back to early this year.

“This is a hugely ambitious venture in the heart of what is a really exciting regeneration project,” said Lane7 founder Tim Wilks at the time. “We need to ensure every little detail corresponds with the highest standards we set ourselves.”

The firm, which bills itself as “the UK’s leading leisure and nightlife destination,” will take up a substantial section of the former railway station, which stopped receiving trains in 1969.

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