Instance Automatics muses post lockdown policy

Ian Eason Instance Automatics post lockdown visions
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Ahead of any concrete government guidelines as to how and when gambling and entertainment venues might be permitted to re-open, operators have taken things into their own hands and are sharing their visions for how they plan to tackle the Coronavirus after lockdown has been lifted.


Ian Eason of Instance Automatics took to Facebook last week to share a draft of his company’s own prospective policies, encouraging feedback from the collective trade “to streamline and make an industry standard,” in order to “try to get things moving.”

“I’m happy to work on this but we need firm input from us all not negativity, just facts and procedures to put into place,” he wrote.

The Instance document envisioned a prospective opening some time in the next six to eight weeks, and would see the introduction of social distancing signs and hand sanitising/cleaning stations in all work and public-facing areas. Instance also claimed to be working on a mask-dispensing vending machine, and said that operators should expect to potentially limit the number of customers inside a venue at anyone time, whilst staff would be kitted out with all necessary PPE.

Comprehensive though Eason’s draft document was, the Instance manager held that the most important component to weathering the pandemic was the deployment of good old fashioned common-sense.

“Common sense has to prevail in all environments,” he wrote. “That’s not just on our part, but also on the part of venue owners, staff and punters as well.”

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