“I’m a survivor” – Chris Black returns to Sound Leisure

Chris Black Sound Leisure
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Chris Black has confirmed he is back at the helm of Sound Leisure, after a five week period of illness caused by contracting Coronavirus in early April.


Announcing his return to the firm through a statement on LinkedIn, the MD of the Leeds-based jukebox manufacturer added he’s ready to concentrate on “the business, getting fit and the future.”

“In almost 34 years of working at our family business I can’t ever remember having more than a few days off sick but this one had me,” said Black via LinkedIn. “It was great to finally get back through our factory doors and sit behind my desk.”

Observing that “some businesses are busier than ever through this,” Black noted that Sound Leisure is one of the many companies forced to furlough a large number of staff during the pandemic.

However, with innovation and adaptive business practice the order of the day for firms across the UK, he added Sound Leisure employs “some very innovative people and are ready for the fight.”

“It’s great to be back and if you are one of the people I owe a mail or a call to, please bear with me – the catch up is on but it will take some time.” “Stay safe and healthy everyone, and when this is over let’s back British manufacturing and get our economy turning again.”

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