Back to life, but to a new reality

Bacta members discussions
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Following discussions with Bacta members, several measures to allow responsible operation of premises have been proposed by the trade association.


For FECs, measures include the display of clear signage demonstrating and recommending social distancing, and a rearranging of machines to create greater distancing or separating via plexiglass and limiting players on multiplayer machines. It’s also recommended that redemption counters are screened, hand sanitiser is provided for customers, and entrances and exit points are staffed to limit customer numbers.

All staff should be fully trained and prepared to wear PPE and to clean machines more regularly. Many of these same points apply to AGCs, however Bacta noted that arranging configurations of machines to enable social distancing may be a challenge with the current 20 percent constraint on popular B3 machines.

“The amusement machine industry in whatever guise, wants to help get the country’s economy up and running again. Not all businesses will make it through the crisis and into next year. With the right support most will, battered and bruised maybe, but nevertheless willing to get back to business.

The industry will nevertheless do all it can to ensure that it plays its part in controlling the potential threat of Covid-19 by changing the way it operates,” concluded John White. “Finally, it is important that decisions on reopening by government are made as early as possible. Businesses will need as a minimum two-weeks to prepare.”

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