South Parade Pier “not responsible” for cafe reopening

South Parade Pier Ice Cream Emporium
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South Parade Pier has distanced itself from the recent reopening of the Ice Cream Emporium on its landward end, after residents criticised the move for breaking guidelines.


The Southsea cafe reopened its doors on 24 April, and though the pier itself is still closed, locals have questioned the prudence of the return to business.

“The Owners of South Parade Pier would like it made clear that they are not responsible for the decision that has been made regarding the reopening of the ice cream shop on the front of the pier,” stated the pier via social media.

“The shop operates independently and as far as we are aware is following all government guidelines and will continue to do so. South Parade Pier will remain closed until further notice.”

Despite the critical comments, the kiosk’s owner Trevor Bratty stated the emporium is “adhering to Government guidelines.”

“We deliberately did not advertise our reopening to avoid unnecessary travel.”

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