Bacta to finalise ‘Reopening’ proposals

Bacta John White
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Bacta members will consult this week on the association’s proposals to get Britain’s amusements machine sector back to work.


The strategy paper is due to be presented to gambling minister Nigel Huddleston next week and Bacta has scheduled a series of calls and Zoom meetings to reach out to members for further input.

Outlining the real impact on the industry of Covid-19, and more importantly the country’s response to it, Bacta will highlight the areas where members are falling short of government support financially and recommend areas of intervention and aid that will prove vital for the industry to reopen and recover.

Bacta’s consultation with members will cover hygeine and social distancing measures viable in amusement facilities; numbers of visitors; food and beverage supply; machine configuration and time requred for the industry to re-open.

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