Lyme Regis arcade roof repairs secured by council

Lyme Regis
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The Mayor of Lyme Regis has confirmed the proposed £600,000 refurbishment of the roof of Lyme Regis Amusements on Marine Parade will go ahead, despite financial challenges posed by the Coronavirus outbreak.


Responding to a question in the Lyme Online’s Ask The Mayor column, Councillor Brian Larcombe stated the project will be run “from the council’s current reserve,” already dedicated to asset maintenance.

“We inherited two longstanding major needs in the shelter’s roof, which was leaking rain water and was over 25 years past its surface warranty, and the council office premises which are not currently fit for purpose and need essential maintenance work,” said Larcombe.

“Both will be funded from the reserve which is proportionately higher than would be expected of a town council of Lyme’s size; many other councils would likely have to borrow to commit to the kind of costs these works represent.”

The Marine Parade project will see the flat roof above the arcade and Swim restaurant renovated, to both increase durability and provide a new public space.

Though Larcombe added that funding for the project is “distinct from covering running- cost needs which should be funded from income,” the cost of the redevelopment “will be contained to leave a more modest sum in the reserve once completed.”

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