Greenock arcade vandal jailed for eight months

Stewarts Amusements Greenock arcade
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A man who committed a series of vandalism and intimidation offences in Stewart Amusements in Greenock on 16 February has been jailed for eight months.


Daniel Middleton broke a fire door, threw paint, pulled light fittings and a cigarette box from the walls of the West Stewart Street premises, before verbally abusing a female member of staff.

“There is a constant stream of all manner of offending,” said Sheriff Andrew McIntyre, during Middleton’s trial last week. “The public must be protected from your offending.”

The sentence also included jail time for the theft of alcohol from Greenock Morrisons in April 2019.

According to the Greenock Telegraph, Middleton has previously been imprisoned for an attempted robbery at the Fitzgerald Centre, a facility which helps adults with learning disabilities.

Middleton was also imprisoned for spitting in a man’s face after he challenged him for kicking the wing mirror off his car.

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