Holidaymakers urged to reconsider refund demands on UK domestic tourism

UK Tourism urged after lockdown
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The Daily Express has urged UK residents to support tourism businesses, after VisitBritain predicted the domestic sector could lose £11bn if movement restrictions remain in place until the August bank holiday weekend.


Ten million domestic trips were recorded during April and May 2019, prompting holidaymakers to spend £2.1m in local economies, however UK tourism firms are now set to endure a difficult 2020 season.

“With the government continuing to urge the nation to stay home, it could be a very different outlook for businesses this year,” reported the national newspaper.

“One of the most heavily impacted areas is predicted to be seaside resorts where they rely largely on tourism for a majority of their income.”

In a bid to help businesses cope with the devastating demand for refunds, the paper asked those whose travel has been affected to consider the advice of financial expert Martin Lewis, and consider accepting a voucher or adjusted experience for future trip.

“In this day and age we are trying to keep as many companies surviving as we can,” Lewis told the Express.

“If you can take the voucher and that wouldn’t compromise you and your finances, taking that voucher from this company may just be what keeps this company going and keeps its staff in a job.”

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