New calls rally for development in Scarborough “now more than ever”

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The local media in Yorkshire are raising the pressure on local authorities to regenerate the region’s coastal jewel, Scarborough.


The Yorkshire Post last week stated “progress needs to be made” with existing development plans for the prized resort, adding that Scarborough “must continue to innovate” in order to boost tourism.

Hailing the ongoing Harbour Plan as central to increasing the resort’s appeal, the paper noted there remain “significant opportunities for redevelopment” in the town.

“There are plans to transform the site of the former Futurist Theatre, now demolished, on the resort’s main promenade while the new blueprint being drawn up for the resort’s harbour offers further scope,” stated the paper.

“Progress needs to be made. Even though British tourism is likely to enjoy a short-term boost once the coronavirus has passed, towns like Scarborough must continue to innovate if they’re to attract a new generation of tourists.”

The importance of a thriving tourist economy has been thrown into even sharper relief by the Coronavirus pandemic, with resorts now pushed to recover revenue in the wake of lockdown restrictions.

“Long before the Covid-19 pandemic, The Yorkshire Post was arguing for a dedicated Minister for the Coast and Flooding because of the specific challenges facing resorts.”

“We stand by this. Now, more than ever, they need regeneration plans that are deliverable, affordable and in keeping with their character.”

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