SilverTime set the standard with striking sign of support for the NHS

SilverTime NHS Support
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Edward Reed, director of SilverTime, which boasts nine AGCs all situated in north west London, is putting his support of the NHS quite literally in the shop window.


In partnership with his supplier, Norfolk-based Sign Connections, Reed has used his LED illuminated displays to say a big thank you to the NHS. The second generation director of the family business that was established 35-years ago, Reed told Coinslot: “After the first national round of applause to recognise and celebrate the work of NHS staff during the crisis I thought we could do something at SilverTime to demonstrate our appreciation both as a business and as a family so I contacted the team at Sign Connections and they got straight on to it. It was all undertaken remotely so no social distancing guidelines were broken and it was all completed really quickly and with no fuss at all.”

“Obviously because we are under lockdown we haven’t received any direct feedback but I know that our staff will be proud. I also think it’s good for the industry to be seen to be getting behind the NHS and other essential workers. Would I encourage other businesses in the industry to follow suit? Yes of course, and I know of operators who are supporting key workers in a host of different ways. A national shop window display conducted in every town where there’s an AGC or FEC would definitely send out a powerful sign of support.”

John White, chief executive of Bacta, has applauded the initiative: “This is a fantastic, powerful and straightforward way for the industry to demonstrate how much it cares and how much it supports the work being undertaken by the NHS. Huge credit to the teams at SilverTime and Sign Connections for making this happen. It would be fantastic if other operators could use their premises in such a symbolic way because it says an awful lot about the business, our outlook and what we stand for.”

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