Industry backs anti-suicide campaign during “tough times”

Suicide Awareness campaign
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As self-isolating measures remain in place throughout the country, coin-op professionals have taken to social media to pledge their support for the mental health of British men.


Over 6,500 suicides were registered in the UK last year – a grisly rise of 11.8 per cent on the 2018 figure. The incidence of suicide is markedly higher amongst men, who comprise around three quarters of all self-inflicted deaths: with numbers peaking in the age range of 45 to 59.

And so it was with heartwarming good intentions that a small contingent of (dare we say it) typically camera-shy coin-op fellow took to Facebook last week, posting a photograph of themselves alongside a short statement which backed men “shoring each other up.”

“We can’t keep letting this slip by us, be strong, be there for each other and please never be afraid to speak up or try and reach out to anyone, even myself,” posted the likes of Eddy Chapman, Ian Eason, Alex Kirby, Freddie Shreeve, Lee Stefani, Warren Noble, Alan Sudworth and others. “All too often, some men find it easier to criticise each other or themselves instead of building each other up, with all the negativity going around, lets do something positive.”

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