DCMS Committee launches Covid-19 response inquiry

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With the tourism and cultural sectors particularly devastated by measures enacted to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the DCMS Committee has launched a call for evidence as part of an inquiry into the government’s response to the crisis.


The DCMS Committee has launched an inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on all industries under its remit, urging representatives from cultural and tourism businesses to submit evidence as to the effect of social and financial measures.

The consultation period will last until May, with the committee also questioning ministers as to the effectiveness of government action to date, and what further support is needed in the immediate and long-term future.

Covid-19 is casting a long shadow over our lives and will do so for years to come,” said DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP.

“We’re particularly concerned that we risk seeing an irreversible impact on things that we value as part of our culture. Whether it’s sport, music, theatre or your local newspaper to give a few examples.” “We’re already seeing a long queue for government support across many areas. We want to make sure that our cultural organisations that give us much that we’re missing in this lockdown get a fair hearing.”

The committee will hold evidence sessions from late April, and is keen to hear evidence from organisations and arms-length bodies in response to a number of questions.

The call for evidence asks what the immediate impact of Covid-19 has been on the sector, how effective the support provided by DCMS, other government departments, and arms-length bodies have been in addressing the sector’s needs, what the likely long-term impacts are, and what support is needed.

The committee will also ask what lessons can be learnt from how the DCMS responded to the crisis, and how the sector might evolve following Covid-19, including how the department can support innovation to deal with future challenges.

Evidence can be submitted via a dedicated submissions portal on the UK Parliament website.

“Evidence is requested by 1 May,” stated the DCMS Committee. “However, in light of the pressures of the crisis, this deadline is flexible and open-ended (notice of its closure will be given in advance on the website.)”

“Organisations are also welcome to submit more than one piece of evidence if further information becomes available as the inquiry progresses.”

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